Lightening it up

I had originally been shopping for the elusive "no-packages" Xterra, and having settled for this one-package version, I'm pulling pieces off to see how it looks. 

The step bars are extremely impressive -- light enough to carry one-handed with ease -- but not all that robust: one of mine was dented from below and the truck has only 200 miles on it.

The third shot here shows a little of how the step bars cover the rear suspension. The best bet might be to shorten the supports so the step bars sit further under the body. In stock position, they're only good for getting road schmutz on your jeans.

I would think that eliminating the airdam at the front of the roofrack will cut down on wind noise, and I don't miss the wet-stuff basket at all: I took delivery on a snowy day and I'll bet I had the rated 30 pounds of snow in it (evenly distributed, as instructed) when I took it off. 

Get photos of your X up on the web! I'm eager to see what others are doing with theirs.