Sun EZ Tadpole Recumbent Trike

I was never able to get really comfortable on a bicycle. Hunched over, supporting much of my weight on my arms and hands, craning my neck to see straight ahead, and shifting my weight to find a comfortable spot on the tiny seat, I was missing what's supposed to be fun in cycling. This recumbent trike solves many of the problems.

The Sun trike is among the least expensive of the available tadpole recumbents. Others you'll want to shop before you decide include KMX, Trice, Greenspeed, Cattrike.

See also "The Horse Thing -- Why Would Anyone NOT Buy a Recumbent?"

Sun's own documentation for the trike is scanty. The similarly-configured Trice trike has good documentation that can be referred to in lieu of a good manual from Sun. You'll need to think carefully about what does, and what does not, apply in the Trice documentation. Other online documentation resources: IRD brakes, Sun EZ Tadpole quick reference sheet.