Mazda5 Mudguards

Tired of this road schmutz being thrown up the side of your Mazda 5, especially if it is a Sport model? Mud guards are an easy 15 minute add-on.

Now that the accessory lists are starting to show up on line you can order the mudguard set for the front wheel wells of your Mazda5. Mine is a Sport edition, which is apparently the easier install. The instructions are labelled for a Mazda Premacy, and most of the complexity of the installation has to do with trimming the sill protectors that the Mazda 5 Sport edition doesn't have.

The instructions leave out a somewhat scary step: you need to pry out the cap for the bottom mounting hole of each mud guard.

These plastic caps are apparently installed after the primer coat and before the color coat of paint, so they take some convincing to pop out. I put a screwdriver thru the cap, rather than going under the edge and risking scratching the paint.

You're not going to be seeing the paint under the mudguard again, so be sure it has a good coat of wax before you install the guards.

Owners of Mazda 5s with colors other than carbon grey or black, eat your hearts out. The mudguards are black and look terrific with the dark-colored body.

I paid $37 plus shipping for the set of mudguards.

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