Asus eee pc (eeepc) Size Comparisons

There are an enormous number of images of the Asus eee pc on the worldwide web, but few that do a good job of conveying the actual size of this new ultraportable device to people who have not had a chance to get hands on. This page is intended to remedy that lack.

The photographs on this page compare three distinct sizes of "laptop computer": The largest shown is a Lenovo Thinkpad T61, a representative of current laptops with large wide screens and built-in optical drives.

The medium size computer shown is an IBM Thinkpad X21, a size that offers a screen about 12 inches diagonal measure, but no built-in optical drive. There is an optional docking center that incorporates the optical drive, stereo speakers, and (at the time of the X21) a floppy drive.

The smallest computer is the eee pc.

In the end view, it is clear that the eee pc is slightly wedge-shaped, and that the battery pack for the Lenovo protrudes from the back of the package.
This view compares the screen area of the three computers. In pixels the respective sizes are 800x480, 1024x768, and 1400x1050.
This view compares the keyboards, by reproducing the home rows of the three computer keyboards in scale to one another. Not only are the eee pc's keys substantially smaller even than the X-series, but they are a little wider than they are tall.
When the respective laptops are packed to take advantage of their portability, the carry bags (aftermarket bags in all three cases, not provided with the computers) reflect the sizes of the computers.
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